About Tykes FC

Come play and explore with us.

Tykes FC is a youth soccer program designed to help kids ages 18 months – 7 years prepare for future club sports in a safe and fun environment. Each soccer class aims at developing social and physical skills through age appropriate drills and games.

Joining the Tykes FC family allows your child to be a part of unified club with an organic balance of structured learning and freedom to grow as a player. Values such as collective teamwork, fundamental skills, and appreciating both the value of winning and losing are at the center of our curriculum allowing the individual player to improve performance while fostering a love of the game.

Our versatile staff brings energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to every practice and game.  Small coach-to-player ratios keep classes fast-paced and fun. Sign up for a free trial and join the Tykes FC family today!

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Mission Statement

The vision of our Soccer Club is to not only create a safe and fun environment for youngsters to grow and explore in, but to also create a feeling of unity with their fellow Tykes FC mates and continuity within the staff who will be leading them.  Our intention is for the environment to have an organic balance of both structure and freedom for the kids. We are soccer experts and will instill values we believe are useful in both soccer and life. These include the importance of collective teamwork and individual performance, demonstrating core values such as sharing and cooperation, while at the same time teaching the children how to both win and lose.  We pride ourselves in hiring the very best staff who are both mature and energetic and who care deeply about teaching your children soccer.